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An odd request?

05. November 2021 /

This is an odd request, but I have followed Dr. Mertens work on your website for a while now and now have copied a test system pairing of his, the EAR Yoshino 868 & Bryston 4B3.  Would it be possible to ask him for a recommendation for an R2R DAC and an SD DAC that he has tested which  performs well in his test system?  Covid has made auditions almost impossible in my area and I would be most grateful. Love your work and the detailed reviews and testing.

Very Best Regards,
Paul Collie
Cape Fear / North Carolina, USA

Wow, I don't get that much news from North Carolina. Thanks - I don't think it's a strange request. This is a real problem. I am also looking for a DAC that is able to meet high demands and at the same time is affordable. I just bought an ADI-2-DAC FS from the German studio outfitter RME. The device is comparatively inexpensive and sounds great with the EAR Yoshino 868 and the Bryston 4B³. Not that it couldn't be better - but unfortunately only for a much higher price ... If you find something exciting, please let me know.

Best regards

Cambridge Audio CXN100