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15. Dezember 2020 / Cris

Hi, Thank you for your review (Test Buchardt A500 und Übersetzung Review Buchardt A500 durch 6moons).

There is one aspect that puzzles me. The signal from the analog input XLR is it not first coverted to digital signal and then DSP is applied and then converted using its internal DAC back to analog for each amplifer? If true that means the sound can’t be better with this input, but rather different due to the analog to digital convertion. Or maybe once the signal comes through XLR there is automatically something else happenning, where the signal is influenced at the level of DSP or preset. I’m on the waiting list, so only next year I will be able to test this aspect myself.

Kind Regards,

Dear Cris,

Thank you for your message! Yes, the XLR input is converted to Digital and processed afterwards by the DSP, and the Audio Hub also performs an A/D conversion and sends the digital signal to the speakers’ DSP. Now, there are three factors that contribute to the quality differences. (1) The overall handling of the data, i.e., all processing in a device and due to the wireless transfer, (2) the quality of the parts used in that device and for the wireless transfer reception, (3) The A/D conversion is performed by two different chips in the hub and the speakers: While the A500 uses the CS4398 chip mentioned in the review, the hub relies on a PCM1863. All these variables will inevitably alter the sound quality.

Best regards and enjoy the Buchardt,

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